Horsell STC Community Meeting - Thursday 10 May @ 8pm

Horsell STC Community Meeting - Thursday 10 May @ 8pm

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Everyone who lives or works in Horsell is welcome at the Second Thursday Club. It's an informal gathering of local people to discuss all the things that are going on locally, to come up with new ideas or help others to develop theirs. Our aim is to make Horsell a better place to live and work!

Things on the agenda for this month's meeting include:

  • Community events including the Picnic on the Green, Horsell Flowerpot Festival, Horsell Wednesday Weekly Walks
  • Fundraising activities such as the Horsell Calendar and the proposed Horsell Cake and Bake Book
  • Helping to make Horsell an even better place to live by tidying the village and our green spaces with the Woodlanders
  • New Horsell signs
  • The proposed Horsell Hub
  • Horsell Prepared Horsell's resilience plan to deal with community-wide problems
Come along and listen or contribute and find out more for our plans. We're always looking for new volunteers to help as much or as little as you can manage. Everyone is welcome!
10 May 2018 at 8:00pm
Site of the proposed Horsell Hub (Old Seymours)
93 High Street
GU21 4SY

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Horsell Residents' Association

Horsell Residents' Association was formed in 1965 as a non-political group open to all adult residents of Horsell. It exists as "the independent voice of Horsell" to:

1. promote, uphold and protect the interests of residents in matters that affect Horsell and its environs.

2. bring those matters to the notice of relevant bodies and accordingly keep its members informed.

3. support and promote social and benevolent activities for the general benefit of Horsell residents

Horsell Residents' Association upholds these aims activities including: publishing the quarterly magazine - The Resident - delivered by volunteers to all households; organising a Horsell Village Show and also through support of Horsell' community action team the Second Thursday Club.
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Founded in August 2012 the Club builds on the spirit of goodwill and cooperation created during the very successful Horsell Jubilation festivities. Meetings, open to anyone who lives in or works in the village, are informal and held on the second Thursday of every month to discuss on-going projects and new ideas. ► Second Thursday Club projects include ❶ Horsell Calendar and notelets ❷ Horsell Christmas Fair ❸ Pares Woodland Gardens - Restoration of woodland ❹ Footpaths Group - ❺ Litter Pick

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